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Exhibit at the Mary & Mercy Center in Ave Maria, FL

      ~ March 3rd and 4th

      ~ Bill and Donna Bradt of the Mary & Mercy Center in Ave Maria, Florida, commissioned Mother Thomas to design a stained glass window, 4’ x 7’ of Divine Mercy. As Mother took on the commission with delight, Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament spoke to her heart on how He wished her to design this piece. She stated that Jesus wanted His Mother in this as well because, “If it were not for her fiat, there would be no Divine Mercy.” How could we deny such a request? The design created in the winter of her life is both unique and magnificent!! Her color pallet is vibrant and alive. “To be able to fulfill Donna’s request to have this piece completed has been an amazing, powerfully humbling, spiritual experience.”

St. Sebastian Parish and the Academy of the Culture and Arts Event: Unveiling Mother Thomas Art

      ~ Spring 2018